"You Are Here" is an onchain conceptual-generative artwork that plays with the act of bridging between blockchains. The individual tokens of the collection are bridgeable between various EVM-based blockchains. Every bridge transfer creates a visual trace between the chain ids. The traces between two chains intensifies every time the token is bridged between them. The token traces the history of the last 100 bridging transfers.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the bridging button greyed out with certain networks?

Certain pathways are not available through LayerZero. If this happens to you can try either reloading and see if that fixes it or it is indeed a "closed" pathway. You'll have to bridge to somewhere else first and then to the desired destination. You can browser chain paths / combinations here: https://layerzeroscan.com/analytics/chain-paths

Why do I send native currency with the transaction?

The native currency is used to pay for the gas fees on the destination chain. The gas fees are paid in the native currency of the source chain. The app best tries to estimate the gas fees for you.

Something went wrong. My token is gone / stuck.

There can be a few reasons for this to happen. If it happend to you please contact the artist on Twitter or Discord.In 99.9%. of the cases tokens are resolvable or can be unblocked.

Where does the token go when I bridge it between chains?

The token is burnt on the source chain and re-minted on the destination chain. During transit it is a small payload on Layerzero that includes the tokenId, the amount of transfers, and the actual history of chains. You can observe the bridging transactions onLayerZeroScan